Battiston's Stain Guide: When Beauty Turns Deadly to Your Clothes

When you head into the Perfumesbathroom to prepare for going out, you want to make yourself beautiful. (Some of us will just settle for "presentable.") But good hygiene for your body, skin, teeth and hair can actually have adverse effects on your clothes. Products like cologne, perfume, mouthwash, aftershave, hair spray, deodorants and antiperspirants almost always have alcohol in them. And alcohol is a real threat to your clothes.

Sure, you know that if you spill a glass of wine you should probably head to Battiston's for some help treating the stain. But the alcohol in these beauty products is a more subtle threat.

You may not even realize that you've gotten any on your clothes, when in fact a stray little bit of spray has hit and could be in a position to do real damage. Alcohol stains can take the color or dye out of many fabrics. So you may only much later see some discoloration and not know where it came from. That's why it's a good idea to apply those beauty products before you get dressed.

And if you do know that a garment has been hit, bring it to us quickly, rather than just waiting to see if it gets discolored or not. The quicker we can treat something, the better chance we'll have of reversing the damage.