Casual Clean

Great dry cleaning value is available for less than you think!

Casual Clean is an economical alternative to our full Certified Master Dry Cleaning. It's geared primarily to your more casual wear for home or at the office. It's also a smart choice for items that have been in storage for a while and just need a bit of freshening up, even if they don't have any apparent spots or stains.

Casual Clean is effectively our traditional dry cleaning or wet cleaning, minus a few extras. When you request Casual Clean, it means that we do not do any prespotting to specially attack stains, and we do not complete any minor repairs, which are otherwise handled for free as a part of Certified Master Dry Cleaning. But your items are still cleaned in our dry cleaning machines, using the same dry cleaning solvent, as in our full Certified Master Dry Cleaning, and items are still professionally pressed to give the best possible appearance when cleaned.

This low-price alternative is not offered at every Battiston's location. Contact your local store to see if the service is available there.