Credit Card Security and FAQ

In this fast-moving world, automatic creditBattiston's Accepts All Major Credit Cards or debit card deductions are the optimal form of payment for retail transactions. The vast majority of our Drycleaner On Call customers have automatic billing to a Credit Card On File to have their charges automatically deducted after clothes are delivered to them. And in our stores, more and more customers are using automatic billing as well - it saves you a lot of time and is more convenient than having to deal with cash and change.

Both in our stores and here online with the Customer Connect feature and MyDryCleaner mobile application, we are committed to security. Here are answers to a few questions about credit card security, convenience, and the benefits you'll get when you use lightning-fast pickup.

What are the advantages of placing a credit card on file at Battiston’s?
1. Save time. You’ll make the pickup process quick and easy. You won’t have to wait around to make your payment and sign your credit card slip every time, but instead the amount will be automatically deducted from your card, either via prepayment or at the time of pickup.
2. Save money. Customers who have automatic billing and an e-mail address on file may automatically receive our VIP discounts. (Discounts and eligibility may vary store-to-store.)

How do I sign up?
You can enroll in the program at dropoff or pickup. Just tell us that you want to place a credit card on file for automatic billing. We’ll type or swipe your credit card information into our computer and verify the card. This is done by charging your card $1.00, then immediately refunding your card $1.00. (Many places of business use this method, and your bank will know what’s going on without any red flags being raised.) Then we’ll print an authorization form for you to sign, and you’re all set going forward.

What if I have a problem with what I’ve been charged that I only realize after I’ve gone home, like not getting a coupon applied?
Drycleaner On Call customers may simply contact your route representative, and in-store customers can just let us know the next time you drop off. We’ll be able to check your account history to look at previous purchases and determine if you were overcharged. Then we’ll rectify the issue by fixing it on your next order and giving you any necessary store credit.

Is it possible to override the credit card on file for individual transactions?
Yes. If for whatever reason you need to pay in a different method on individual transactions, you can. You really want to pay in cash? That’s fine. Your son or daughter is using your Battiston’s account, and they need to pay for their own clothing? We can do that. (If you ordinarily have prepayment set up, you'll need to notify us when you're dropping off your order.)

How do you keep my stored credit card information safe?
Our computer interface uses the latest encryption and authentication services for all of our transactions to keep your personal information safe. We have never experienced a security breach where credit card information has been stolen.