Customer Connect Features and Walkthrough, Part 3: Viewing Your Orders

1. Login - 2. Real-Time Data - 3. View Your Orders - 4. Navigation - 5. Garment Search - 6. Customer Info - 7. DOC - 8. View and Pay Bills

When you log inReady Orders to Customer Connect, you will be directed to a list of all orders that you have ready for pickup or delivery. (This comes immediately after the password change screen on your first visit, and immediately after login on future visits.) If you're an in-store customer this is a list of everything that you could pick up at this minute. If you're a Drycleaner On Call customer this is a list of what is set to be delivered back to you. Remember again that all this data is updated in real time.

Ready Orders #2 Here's another example of the Ready Orders screen. Just by looking at the prices, it looks like somebody used the famous Battiston's $1 Sale coupon. And we can confirm that by opening up each individual ticket. You'll see that each order number is underlined, which is to say that it's a link. So when you click on an individual ticket ...




Ready Order with $1 Sale CouponReady Invoice

... up pops a copy of the ticket, fully detailed with each individual item's description and price. For each item you drop off, we list at a minimum the color, pattern, and brand. We may also list the fabric and, where applicable, any special notes like stains or missing buttons.

Coupons, including VIP discounts, are then listed at the bottom of the ticket, followed by the total price and the current balance due.



1. Logging In

2. Real-Time Data

3. Viewing Your Orders

4. Navigation

5. Garment Search

6. Customer Information

7. Drycleaner On Call

8. View and Pay Bills