Battiston's Garment Care Tips: Does Dry Cleaning Wear Out Your Clothes?

No, dry cleaning does not wear out your clothes.

You know what does wear out your clothes? Leaving stains to set in them.

Professional dry cleaning does not damage or deteriorate fabrics. In over eighty years of researching fabrics and dry cleaning solvents, the International Fabricare Institute (now the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute) has never found evidence that the dry cleaning process wears out fabrics.

Some people mistakenly recommend just pressing your suits and other garments from time to time, rather than giving them a full cleaning. But that can cause more harm than good.

Just because you can't see stains doesn't mean they're not there. By pressing a garment before it's cleaned, unseen dirt, stains and body oils can be permanently set. And as stains set, whether by being pressed into the material or just by aging as you've neglected to have your garments cleaned, they will make an item unwearable. Ground-in dirt acts as an abrasive, causing fibers to weaken and deteriorate. And moths and other insects, some of them microscopic, are attracted to soiled clothes and find them to be a perfect home to lay their eggs.

It's up to you just how often you like to have items dry cleaned. We do our best, through our everyday low prices and regular discount opportunities, to take economic concerns out of the equation. But know this: you can't "overclean" your clothes.