Tips and Tricks on How and When to Clean Clothes, Treat Stains, Preserve Your Garments and Look Your Best

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Dry Cleaning Basics

What Is Dry Cleaning, Anyway?

How Did Dry Cleaning Come to Be Invented?

What's the Process from Start to Finish When You Drop Off Your Clothes?

What Do We Do to Make Sure the Cleaning Process Is As Eco-Friendly As Possible?

Does Dry Cleaning Wear Out Your Clothes?

What Can You Do to Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

Are the Chemicals Used in Dry Cleaning Dangerous?

What Do Those Symbols on a Garment's Care Label Mean?


Why Are Shirts Laundered Rather Than Dry Cleaned?

Why Do Women's Shirts Sometimes Cost More Than Men's?

What Is Starch, and Should You Get It On Your Shirts?

Unique Fabrics

How Do You Treat Winter Fabrics Like Wool, Cashmere, Fleece and Down?

What Makes Silk So Delicate, and What Precautions Do You Need to Take?

How Exactly Do You Preserve a Wedding Dress for Future Generations?

Home Care

Should You Leave Your Clothes in Plastic Bags When You Bring Them Home?

How Should You Treat and Store Clothes to Avoid Moth Damage?

How Should You Treat Your Draperies at Home to Keep Them Clean and Make Them Last Longer?

How Can You Keep Your Leather Items Looking Great After You Bring Them Home?

How Can You Fight an Infestation of Bedbugs?

What Is "Pilling," and How Can You Prevent It?

What Do You Do When Your Dog or Cat Thinks Your Rug Is His Rug?


Why Do White Items Fade and Turn Yellow Over Time?

What Stains Are in Your Bathroom's Health and Beauty Products?

What Kind of Stains Might Be Common in the Summer?

What Should You Do About Common Cookout Stains?

How Do You Protect Your Clothes Against Sun Damage?

How Do You Treat Winter Stains from Salt and Slush?

What Can You Do to Treat Pet Urine on a Rug?

Comfort & Fashion

Can You Stay Sharply Dressed in a Casual Office Environment?

How Do You Stay Cool and Still Look Good During a Hot Summer?

What's the Deal With the "No Wearing White After Labor Day" Rule?