Customer Release Form for Leather and Suede

In addition to the usual, normal wear, suede and leather garments are susceptible to hazards inherent in the fact that they are skins of animals:

  1. Unless all pieces of a multi-piece garment are processed at the same time, there cannot be a guarantee that they will match in color after cleaning.
  2. Changes in shade may occur. The garment may become lighter or darker after cleaning.
  3. Not all stains can be safely removed.
  4. Shrinkage of suede and leather garments can be unpredictable.
  5. Heat used in the cleaning process can cause skins to become tender, stiff or brittle.
  6. Thin skins or defects in skins may break open in cleaning. Insect bites and scars on skins which were covered with fillers during manufacturing may show after cleaning.
  7. Unevenly matched skins may appear differently after cleaning.
  8. Glues and adhesives used by some manufacturers may melt and stain the garment when cleaned.
  9. Combinations of light and dark skins and/or fabrics may bleed into each other when cleaned. If a garment has been dyed in multiple colors, those colors may bleed into one another.

I have read the above statement and understand that Battiston's will carefully clean my suede or leather garment, but will not be responsible for any of the conditions listed above.