Customer Connect Login Help and Troubleshooting

Customer Connect is only available to those customers who use the following stores: Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon and West Hartford. Customer Connect is also available to all Drycleaner On Call customers served by the Glastonbury, Manchester and West Hartford stores.

If you use one of our other stores and would like to see this feature in the future, request it at your store today.

How to Log into Customer Connect (Existing Customers)

Login with e-mail address and password fields

Your e-mail address serves as your username. We must therefore have your e-mail address already in the system at your store. It is possible that you may have signed up for e-mail coupons at our old website but never had that e-mail entered into our store computer system. (See below for troubleshooting.)

Your default password is the final four digits of your primary telephone number on your customer account. As soon as you log into Customer Connect for the first time, you will be required to create a new, permanent and secure password.


Q) I'm a customer at one of your stores, so why can't I log in?

  1. Customer Connect is not active at all of our stores, only our Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon and West Hartford stores and the Drycleaner On Call customers they serve. If you visit a different Battiston's location, you will not be able to log in.
  2. You may have registered for e-mail coupons in the past, but due to the limited functionality of our old website, that didn't automatically link you into our stores' computers. E-mail us if you know you receive coupons from us but you can't log in, so we can officially link that e-mail address to your account.
  3. Only the primary e-mail address on an account will be used to log in. You and your husband or wife may both receive our coupons, but only one address will be the primary one. So you may have to use your husband or wife's e-mail address to log in.
  4. If you visit multiple stores, or have Drycleaner On Call service but also occasionally visit a physical store, you need to be sure that you have only a single account comprising all your business with us. If you have duplicate accounts, you might confuse our computer and prevent it from letting you in. Those multiple accounts should be merged together. (Additionally, if you can log in but only can see your orders from one location, or can see DOC orders but not in-store orders, this same reason is the problem.) E-mail us and we will merge your duplicate accounts together so that all of your data is available and you can log in cleanly.
  5. Your default password is the last four digits of your primary phone number in your store account. You may have multiple numbers, like both a home number and a mobile number, so try them both.
  6. And finally, it is of course possible that one of our employees simply made a typo or failed to understand you when you gave us your contact information in the first place. Just e-mail us and we'll double-check everything so that you can log in.

Q) What if I get restless and sign up as a new customer even though I'm already a customer?

  1. That's really not the worst thing in the world, since there are additional required fields in the new customer signup that we might not have had on your existing account. Like in #4 above, it just means that we'll now have to merge this new account into your old one. So you won't immediately be able to see your existing orders, but you will within a day or so after we sort out that required merger.