Battiston's MyDryCleaner Mobile App Features & Screenshots
Download the app from Google Play on Android devices (as shown here) or from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. The quickest way to log in is by getting a six-digit invitation code from us. Ask for one in store. Here's the main menu once you've logged in. (You only need to log in once, after which your account data will be saved to your phone, so you'll start here every time.)
Download from Google Play Login Screen Main Menu
Click on "My Orders." You'll be brought to a list of all of your current orders. Orders that are ready will say so, *READY* in bold type. Click on any of the actual orders to see a full breakdown of the ticket, including descriptions of each item, and the price including coupons or discounts. Here's another example of a current in-process order.
Current Orders Current Shirt Order Current Dry Cleaning Order
This tailoring order is "price TBD" while it is being worked on by a tailor. Note that the order comments reflect exactly what's on our ticket. Back in the "My Orders" screen, click on the second tab at the top, History, to see past orders. As always, you can click on an individual ticket to review exactly what was on the ticket, plus charges. We see that this ticket was paid for on 9/13/13.
Tailoring, Price at Completion Order History Paid Ticket
The third tab in the "My Orders" screen, Receipts, will show total charges billed to you on a single visit. By clicking on one of the individual receipts, you'll get a breakdown of the tickets comprising that visit. Let's get out of "My Orders" and revisit the home screen. Drycleaner On Call customers can schedule will-call pickups via "Request Route Pickup."
Receipts Receipts - All Tickets Will Call Pickup
The "Store Locations" feature will show a list of Battiston's stores (though only the stores that have our app enabled) ... ... at which point you can turn your phone into a GPS and get directions to us. Click on the "Contact Us" buttton and you can call or e-mail us straight from the app.
Store Locations Locations - Map Screen Contact Us

Lastly, the "Current Specials" feature may be your favorite of all. There, you can view all of our current coupons.
Simply show an offer on your mobile device with your incoming order and claim your savings.

Current Specials

Current Specials $1 Sale

Current Specials Bedding