What Do You Do When Your Dog or Cat Thinks Your Rug Is His Rug?

First things first, when you get a new puppy, Dog on a Rugyou should be sure to store any fancy rugs out of his reach for a while, until he's housebroken and isn't chewing on everything.

For older pets, let's assume that you've tried basic obedience training, and that even if you've tried to keep your dog off your nicest heirloom rug, he or she has decided that it's his or her favorite place to lie down. Fair enough. It's his house too, and you have to live with that. But your rug is inevitably going to start smelling like your dog (or cat). And the bacteria and other microbes in his fur are going to work their way into the material. And that's before contemplating the possibility of your pet having an accident on your rug.

Cleaning your rug is just part of what we do. When you bring in your rug to Battiston's, be sure to point out any specific stains, and let us know what type of odors your rug has been exposed to. If we know that you have pets that might be responsible for rug odors, we'll recommend deodorizing and Scotchgard.


A deodorizing agent kills odor-causing bacteria, mildew and organic material.

While pet odors are the most common odors we face with rugs, cleaning combined with our antimicrobial deodorizer will combat other odors like mold and mildew or cigarette smoke.

It's not just the obvious smell that we want to eradicate. Bacteria that lodges itself in your rugs (and carpets, drapes and other upholstery) can exacerbate asthma and allergies. Use our antimicrobial deodorizer to rid them from your rugs and breathe a little easier.


We can apply Scotchgard, a protective chemical coating that protects your rug from future stains. Scotchgard is like an invisible barrier against spills. It repels liquids so they can't set in and stain your rug. When you have a future spill, you'll be able to wipe it off and remove it before it sets in to the material. Scotchgard also repels dirt and other foreign materials, which will make vacuuming easier for you going forward since any dirt will just be on the surface and not embedded into your rug. Scotchgard is invisible and odorless, does not affect the life of the rug, and will wash out with the next cleaning. Be sure to request Scotchgard for a small additional charge the next time you have your rug cleaned.

Pet Urine, Feces and Vomit

In general, we recommend that all area and oriental rugs be cleaned annually. An annual cleaning freshens up the material and keeps the fibers buoyant rather than matted down. Of course, if you have accidents, whether they're your own responsibility, your kids' or your pets', you'll need to have your rug treated quickly. Just as with clothing, the quicker we can treat a stain, the better chance we'll have of being able to remove it.

If you notice urine on your area rug or oriental rug, quick action is needed. See this page for quick at-home tips to start addressing the problem right away, and then get your rug to us as soon as possible for a full cleaning. Please be aware that, no matter how fast and how aggressively we act, sometimes urine stains can be a permanent discoloration. (If you are aware that a urine stain may not be reversible but also know that you want to keep the rug in your home, deodorizing is key, because even if the color cannot be remedied, the odor typically can.)