Purses & Handbags

Did you know that we can clean purses and bags? It's true. High-end bags like Coach require serious cleaning techniques. Since these bags don't typically have specific care label instructions like clothing - manufactured clothing is required to by law, but that law doesn't apply to things you don't wear - they really need the attention of a professional. Specifically, since they are comprised largely of leather and suede, they require the attention of a leather care specialist. Battiston's is proud to work with experts in this field.

We can clean any kind of purses, bags, pocketbooks, messenger bags and small travel bags. The most common requests we receive are for cleaning Coach bags, and we have accumulated some good experience as a result.

Take a look at the example at right. When this Coach bag was brought in, it had blue discoloration all over the bottom - the dye from a pair of jeans had rubbed off on it. We were able to successfully clean off the dye transfer and restore the bag to its original color.

See also: Required consent form for cleaning all purses and pocketbooks

Note: Service may not be available at all store locations.