We can make things as quick or as detailed as you'd like them to be.

At certain Battiston's store locations, our computers have the ability to produce "quick tickets" that help you get in and out the door as quickly as possible. Instead of you having to wait for us to write up a full ticket describing every item you've dropped off in detail, we can simply give you a claim check listing the piece count and due date and send you on your way. You'll be given a simple slip that says something like 3 Shirt Laundry, 3 Dry Cleaning, 6 PIECES, Due Wednesday 9/7 5:00 PM.

The most important reason we can do this is because we have consistent, predictable prices. Other cleaners can have a lot of "upcharges" for different materials, but we have very few of these upcharges, and we'll always let you know when you're dropping off your order if a particular item is one of these that requires special attention. Because our prices are consistent - a sweater costs the same as a blazer as a skirt as a pair of pants - and predictable, our regular customers should know exactly how much an order is going to come out to, simply based on the piece count and the coupons and discounts they know they'll be receiving. You'll never be blindsided by higher prices than you were expecting.

(If you're a new or new-ish customer, of course, our customer service agents are trained to talk you through our prices so that you know exactly what you're looking at.)

Quick tickets save you time when you drop off, and save our customer service representatives time too, so that we can handle multiple customers in a row and avoid ever having long lines.

Our customer service representatives can then write your "detailed tickets" and tag all of your garments when we have a lull between customers. These "detailed tickets" contain a full description of each item, including price, color, brand, patterns or fabric, and any special requests like spots to be treated or repairs to be made. These full tickets then accompany your clothes through the cleaning process and are stapled to the bag on your finished order, giving you a full itemized receipt.

In the interim between when you drop off your order and when you pick up, you can see the full contents of your detailed tickets on Customer Connect here on battistons.com, or MyDryCleaner Mobile for your iPhone or Android device.

Quick tickets are designed to save you time. But if, for any reason, you want to have your full detailed ticket when you drop off your order, just let us know. We're happy to oblige. It might take a couple of minutes, but we're happy to serve you in whatever way you're comfortable with.

Time is of the -iston's