About Battiston's Garment Restoration Services

For homeowners, nothing can be more agonizing, than experiencingRestoration Services a disaster in your home. Battiston's locations have always responded to the daily cleaning needs of a business meeting, cocktail party or wedding. In the mid-1990’s, our South Windsor facility began catering to the needs of a homeowner insurance claim. Fires, floods and plumbing failure that create soot or water damage to clothing and household items are commonly restored by the South Windsor location, throughout the entire state of Connecticut.

Often times, the content portion of any insurance claim, contains what we are most emotionally attached to. Everyday items that we wear for work, school and play are a part of our daily rituals. Dry Clean only, laundry and special care items are typical in most homes. Drapes, curtains, bedding and area rugs are exposed items in a home that most times require the highest attention after an insurance claim. Window treatments and area rugs are removed, cleaned and re-installed, once the home is suitable for a delivery. Clothing, hats, gloves from closets and bedrooms' dressers are returned to those specific areas.

Severe odor from a fire, oil spill or water damage will impact clothing, stuffed animals and bedspreads. In a controlled environment, ozone is an odor neutralizer and disinfectant, that eliminates those odors that cannot be removed in a traditional cleaning. The South Windsor facility has created this controlled environment, specifically for the insurance claim needs. This spacious ozone room is not only capable of serving traditional clothing such as suits, dresses and coats. When ozone is needed, large decorative pillows, luggage and other bulky household items can be safely ozoned. Safe keep and heirloom items such as wedding gowns and tapestries are regularly restored and preserved.

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