Snow leads to salt, salt leads to stains, and stains should lead you here

The amount of snow we get here in Snow and SlushConnecticut varies wildly from winter to winter, but there's no question there will be some snow to deal with, sometimes a whole bunch.

When snow falls, we need to place down salt to help melt sidewalks, driveways and roadways, and to keep ourselves and our vehicles from sliding on ice.

But salt can be a mess on your clothes. Coats, pants, skirts and Ugg boots can be victims of nasty-looking white rings, and worse, salt can sometimes cause discoloration and permanent staining.

It's vitally important to treat stained items as soon as you can. Sometimes regular laundering can clean those white stains off some fabrics. But for tougher stains, and for fabrics like wool and cashmere, you should trust your clothing care to Battiston's. Protect your winter wardrobe and preserve it for use again next season by cleaning often during cold weather.

Snow leads to salt, salt leads to stains, and salt stains should lead you to Battiston's. We'll take care of those stains on your clothes. And we've got the very best Ugg boot cleaning around, so we'll wipe out those wavy white lines and get your boots looking brand-new.

Just in time for the next big snowstorm.