What's the deal with the "no wearing white after Labor Day" rule?

Labor Day is here,Summer Whites and with it the unofficial end of summer, and the end of vacation season. Most of your kids are already back in school, and many of us will be packing up our white clothing and accessories and switching our closets from summer to fall. Which begs the question: Do you stick to the old "no white after Labor Day" rule? How many people continue this tradition these days? Do you know why it began?

The "no white" rule was set long ago, however the theories on how this tradition got its beginning vary. One states that in the late 1800s to early 1900s wearing white was a way for the wealthy to distinguish themselves, because they could afford white suits instead of the black suits normally worn. This was firstly because white clothing dye was more difficult to come by and thus more expensive, and also because white clothing was more difficult to care for, and could demonstrate that you owned the resources (or, perhaps, servants) to handle it.

Another theory is simply that white is a cooler color to wear during the hot summer months. Black and other darker colors absorb heat, making white and lighter shades of tan and beige a cooler option. Wearing white was popular with early fashion magazines which touted it as fashionable in the summer. So what started merely for practical purposes was appropriated to become a fashion rule of thumb.

While no one agrees on the origin of this tradition, it seems that it may be followed less strictly than in the past. Do you think wearing white after Labor Day is taboo, or no big deal?