Bedding & Household Items

Whether it's a Battiston's Homehandmade heirloom or store-bought, whether it's Dry Clean Only or something that's simply too darn big to fit in your home washer, Battiston's is here to serve your needs for cleaning all bedding and household items.

Comforters, Bedspreads, Coverlets, Blankets, Afghans, Duvet Covers, Pillow Shams, Feather Beds, Sleeping Bags

Tablecloths, Table Runners, Placemats and Napkins

Cushion Covers, Sofa and Loveseat Covers

Area and Oriental Rugs (Click here for more info)

Curtains & Drapes (Click here for more info)


Free Seasonal Storage
Don't have a lot of room at your place for the bedding you need to swap in and out with the seasons? We offer free seasonal storage on items once they're cleaned with us.



Free Cleaning of the American FlagEvery Day is Flag Day at Battiston's
We are proud to clean the U.S. flag, for free, every day of the year. We'll treat the flag with the great care and reverence that it deserves. In addition to cleaning the stars and stripes for free, we’re proud to be able to clean other flags, whether they are of other nations, other patriotic designs, or just a great seasonal design. Ask us for pricing today.






Don't Let the Bed Bugs BiteDry Cleaning Kills Bedbugs
Fortunately, we haven’t been hit with the bedbug epidemic in central Connecticut to the extent that other parts in the country have. Fortunately, you have Battiston’s if you ever do suspect that bedbugs have invaded your home. Great drycleaners such as Battiston’s are equipped to handle this nasty problem. Drycleaning is your best option for treating bedbug-infested items, as the heat used in the drycleaning process is proven to eradicate bedbugs and their eggs.