Battiston's Provides Free Minor Repairs

Needle and Thread (and More)Battiston's is proud to provide free minor repairs along with our Certified Master Dry Cleaning. Some cleaners will try to squeeze you for additional charges to tighten a button or sew up a small tear, but we don't think that's right. You want your items looking great when you pick them up, and providing complimentary repairs assures that.

Among the free minor repairs we'll handle when you choose our award-winning Certified Master Dry Cleaning:

  • Tightening or replacing loose or missing buttons on your shirts, jackets, coats and more
  • Re-stitching fallen hemlines on your pants and skirts
  • Sewing up small holes where the seams are coming apart on your pants, skirts, sweaters and more (typically we can sew up tears along a seam up to about an inch for free; larger tears or insect damage will usually require that you speak with one of our tailors)
  • Repairing or replacing loose or missing clasps on your pants and skirts

For larger repairs plus alterations, you can always stop by and say hi to one of our great on-site tailors.