Leather and Suede Cleaning

Clean your leather and suede jackets, coats and more with Battiston's. From motorcycle jackets to varsity jackets to suede vests, there's a leather look that'll suit everyone.

Great quality leather and suede cleaning doesn't just clean your prized leathers; it also rejuvenates them, restoring the luster they may have lost through wear or through other cleaning processes.

Leather and suede garments can be major investments. We know they can be pricy and that you care for them greatly, so we're sure to give them extra special care.

Leather cleaning is different from and more difficult than standard dry cleaning. Leathers are animal hides, and that poses unique challenges because no two skins are exactly alike. So you really need to make sure you're entrusting your prized leathers to an expert. Battiston's is proud to work with reputable, award-winning leather specialists. Visit this page to learn more about our relationship to the Professional Leather Cleaners Association.

Because of the unpredictable nature of how animal skins will react to cleaning, we insist that our customers are educated prior to cleaning. We know that we produce great results in our leather cleaning, but there are always risks. Therefore, we require customers to read and sign this consent form prior to cleaning any leather or suede items.