Battiston's Garment Restoration Services - Our Process

The claim process is very demanding on the homeowner as well as the claims adjustor. We will have a line of communication open with all parties during this period of time. A claim served by Battiston's will typically proceed via these steps while we are working directly with the insured and the company adjustor:

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  • Walk through the disaster site with the adjustor and insured and remove clothes, drapes and other household items within 24 hours of the call
  • Classify garments by fabric or brand, and then itemize garments by cleaning method, such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning or laundry
  • Respond to a call within 3 hours
  • Develop a cost estimate within 72 hours
  • Provide emergency service, such as cleaning, pressing and delivering rush items to the desired location
  • Clean garments using industry accepted standards
  • Store garments at a secure site that is accessible to the insured
  • Deliver restored garments to the insured, and professionally reinstall curtains, draperies and window treatments
  • Complete order with statement of satisfaction from the insured that assures cleaning, service and response time and billing accuracy

That is our business. That is our commitment.
We get the job done: the right way, right away.

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