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Leather & Suede Cleaning

Clean your leather and suede jackets, coats and more with Battiston’s. From motorcycle jackets to varsity jackets to suede vests, there’s a leather look that’ll suit everyone.

Great quality leather and suede cleaning doesn’t just clean your prized leathers; it also rejuvenates them, restoring the luster they may have lost through wear or through other cleaning processes.

Leather and suede garments can be major investments. We know they can be pricy and that you care for them greatly, so we’re sure to give them extra special care.

Leather cleaning is different from and more difficult than standard dry cleaning. Leathers are animal hides, and that poses unique challenges because no two skins are exactly alike. So you really need to make sure you’re entrusting your prized leathers to an expert. Battiston’s is proud to work with reputable, award-winning leather specialists.

But leather cleaning is, quite literally, a different animal. Leather cleaning is a specialized discipline, requiring an entirely unique set of skills and knowledge. Even the best drycleaner for handling your everyday garments may not have the proper training for leathers and suedes. When you’re cleaning your leather and suede garments, don’t just trust any drycleaner – make sure they’re a drycleaner who’s affiliated with a professional leather cleaner. Battiston’s contracts our leather cleaning to New England’s only member of the Professional Leather Cleaners Association.

Because of this relationship, you can be confident you’re getting top-notch service. You’re getting only the best – the very best leather specialist in all of New England.

How does the Professional Leather Cleaners Association ensure that you’re receiving quality leather cleaning? Here’s an overview of their organization:

Each member of this group has at least 30 years experience specializing in leather cleaning and provides wholesale leather cleaning services to retail dry cleaners. Consequently, members process thousands of leather garments a year thereby gaining a unique expertise unavailable to the cleaner who may only process an occasional leather garment. Member plants utilize detergents and cleaning solutions specifically designed for leather cleaning. All garments are restored with refinishing dyes and oils to bring back lost color and softness. Leather is an enduring fashion trend, but the cleaning requirements are constantly changing due to changes in manufacturing. The members of this group meet regularly to share information about the best practices, equipment, and processes to ensure the highest quality cleaning. Members have participated in training sessions for the last 20 years at leather cleaning plants throughout the United States and Canada. Each member is held accountable to the highest standard of leather cleaning.

For more information on the Professional Leather Cleaners Association, visit them at their website.

Because of the unpredictable nature of how animal skins will react to cleaning, we insist that our customers are educated prior to cleaning. We know that we produce great results in our leather cleaning, but there are always risks. Therefore, we require customers to read and sign this consent form prior to cleaning any leather or suede items.

Customer Release Form for Leather and Suede
In addition to the usual, normal wear, suede and leather garments are susceptible to hazards inherent in the fact that they are skins of animals:

  • Unless all pieces of a multi-piece garment are processed at the same time, there cannot be a guarantee that they will match in color after cleaning.
  • Changes in shade may occur. The garment may become lighter or darker after cleaning.
  • Not all stains can be safely removed.
  • Shrinkage of suede and leather garments can be unpredictable.
    Heat used in the cleaning process can cause skins to become tender, stiff or brittle.
  • Thin skins or defects in skins may break open in cleaning. Insect bites and scars on skins which were covered with fillers during manufacturing may show after cleaning.
  • Unevenly matched skins may appear differently after cleaning.
    Glues and adhesives used by some manufacturers may melt and stain the garment when cleaned.
  • Combinations of light and dark skins and/or fabrics may bleed into each other when cleaned. If a garment has been dyed in multiple colors, those colors may bleed into one another.

I have read the above statement and understand that Battiston’s will carefully clean my suede or leather garment, but will not be responsible for any of the conditions listed above.


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