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Ugg Boots

We clean Ugg boots – and more importantly, we clean them well. We know that these boots can be expensive, so you shouldn’t trust them to just anybody. We work with specialists – experts whose day-to-day job is to focus on these kinds of garments – rather than just having these boots done by our regular cleaners. Think about it. Which would you rather entrust your expensive boots to – somebody who cleans these kinds of boots every day, or somebody who spends the rest of their day cleaning pants and sweaters and then, maybe once a week, cleans a pair of boots and is learning on the job? Trust the experts. We do.

Because we go to the experts, we provide all of the following, all free of char

ge as part of the cleaning price. Do other cleaners in town provide all of these features? Ask them. And then come see us.

  • Water Repellent. In case you haven’t noticed, Connecticut winters can be kind of wet and gross. But we offer water repellent, giving you a lot more freedom to walk around amongst snow and slush and not worry that your feet are going to be soaked.
  • Salt Stain Removal. Those weird wavy white lines that appear on your boots, pants and jackets are salt stains, another byproduct of the nasty winter weather. They’re going to be the most obvious stains that keep your Uggs from looking their best, but our experts are great at getting them out.
  • Inside and Outside Cleaning. It’s not just the outside of your boots that get dirty. The nice, soft sheepskin on the inside gets dirty too, which can ruin the soft luxurious feel. We’ll give your boots a thorough inside-out cleaning.
  • Fresh Dye. It’s one thing to get your items cleaned. It’s another thing entirely to have your items come back looking better than they were even before you got them dirty. But that’s exactly what you’ll get with our Uggs cleaning, since we provide fresh dye to the outside of the boot, giving them the rich color you haven’t seen since your boots were brand-new.

Our customers always say ‘wow!’ when they see their old boots looking brand-new after cleaning. Clean your Uggs with us and see the difference for yourself.


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