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What is WetCleaning?
With EverGreen, Battiston’s offers an alternative to our high-quality Certified Master Dry Cleaning service in the form of a WetCleaning alternative. WetCleaning uses water as a primary solvent instead of the chemical solvents used in standard Dry Cleaning. Battiston’s takes great care in being environmentally responsible during all of our cleaning processes, but WetCleaning is recognized by the EPA, modern science, and throughout the cleaning industry as a great eco-friendly alternative. The EPA cites benefits including “no hazardous chemical use, no hazardous waste generation, no air pollution and reduced potential for water and soil contamination.”

What about all my “DryClean Only” garments?
EverGreen is more than simply a cleaning process. EverGreen is a commitment – it’s Battiston’s assurance that we will handle your garments in the most environmentally secure manner possible. Some types of fabrics, like silk, linen and acetate, are best preserved by never being in contact with significant amounts of water, and should therefore not undergo WetCleaning. On the other hand, many garments that read “DryClean Only” do not take into consideration the major developments in the cleaning industry in recent years that have made WetCleaning a viable option for at least 80 to 90 percent of garments today. Here’s where Battiston’s expert cleaning staff comes in – with our expertise, we will be able to make the best judgment on how to clean your clothes both effectively and efficiently. Sometimes it’ll be WetCleaning. Sometimes it’ll be Dry Cleaning. Every time, you can be sure that care and thought has been put into doing your order the right way.

Is WetCleaning really just laundering?
No. Laundering uses standard washers and dryers, which cannot be effectively specialized to handle the most delicate of garments, those you typically bring to a Dry Cleaner. Professional WetCleaning employs high-tech computer-controlled washers and specialized cleaning agents not available to home consumers, operated by highly trained and skilled personnel. Our specially designed WetCleaning machines allow for precise controls tailored to different garments and fabrics. Unique water levels, detergent amounts, temperatures, and cycle durations give unique attention to each garment.

Does the need for WetCleaning signify that Battiston’s Dry Cleaning is environmentally unsound?
No. Battiston’s, like all cleaners, has taken advantage of major scientific advancements in recent years that allow us to do our jobs in a cleaner, greener manner. We are constantly striving to have our cleaning done in a “closed system,” in which as many materials as possible from the cleaning process can be reused and recycled and the least amount of energy is consumed. As technology develops, more and more byproducts of DryCleaning can be effectively recycled. Battiston’s is proud of how sustainable our DryCleaning is – we are able to filter and recycle our cleaning solution, eliminating waste and making it such that our Dry Cleaning is usually an equal option and sometimes even a better option for environmental friendliness.

How exactly does Battiston’s handle waste products?
In any cleaning process, there are going to be waste byproducts. Our strict adherence to ensuring a closed system guarantees that wastewater is not spilling outside and polluting the local environment. Wastewater is controlled and directed into the sewer system, so that it can be treated at municipal wastewater facilities. From there, it can be recycled and reused, just as the wastewater from your home is.

Will it cost me more to use WetCleaning than regular Dry Cleaning?
No. Battiston’s is committed to giving you the best value for the best possible cleaning. It’s in everyone’s best interests for you to want to clean your items in the most environmentally efficient manner. And jacking up our prices in the guise of our green cleaning efforts, as some other cleaners have done, wouldn’t help. So you can expect to pay the same low prices whether you elect Certified Master Dry Cleaning or EverGreen WetCleaning, and you will still be able to take advantage of our frequent coupons and discount opportunities.


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