How We Save You Time

Time is of the -iston's

Drycleaner On Call is our free home or office pickup and delivery service. You don't have to come to us - we'll come right to your door! Save time, save gas, and save money. We'll grab your Battiston's bag from your doorstep (or other designated location you agree to with your driver) and deliver your orders right back to your door three days later.

Express Bags are available for over-the-counter customers, just like our delivery customers have their own Battiston's bags. Just pile your items into one of our bags and drop the whole bag off at our counter. If you're in a rush, you don't need to wait around to count out your items and get a ticket from us. Just drop and go. We even have 24-hour drop chutes at most of our stores, sometimes even with drive-thru access, so you don't even need to enter our building. When you come to pick up your order, your bag will be waiting for you along with your clothes, so you can fill it back up for the next time.

Safe and secure Automatic Billing is available. Place your credit card on file with us - top-notch security and encryption means your data is safe and private - and you won't have to wait to pay when you pick up your orders, because the charges will be automatically debited from your card.

"Quick Tickets" are available at certain store locations. This innovation in our computer software means we don't have to write out a full ticket of all the clothes you bring us, just a quick listing of piece counts and due dates. That can save you a lot of time when you drop off. Because we have consistent prices, our regular customers know exactly how much their orders will come out to without having to see the itemized charges right away. The full "detailed ticket" with itemized charges will be attached to your order at pickup. But if you ever need to see the full detailed ticket when you drop off, that's fine, too.

With our MyDryCleaner Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, you can see your order status at any time and know whether it's ready or not. Your ticket may say that an order is going to be ready after 5:00, but by checking the app you can tell in a matter of seconds whether your order may be a few hours early or even a day early, so you can swing by and pick up when it's most convenient for you. You can even ping us a message to let us know you're on your way, and we'll have your orders already pulled from the racks and ready to grab when you walk through the door.

Same-Day Service is available during the week, Monday through Friday. Drop your order off in the morning and have it ready later that same day.